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Programs (this page is in progress)



All students are welcomed into our bright facility and met at their own stage of development. The classes provide challenges for both new and returning students.


4-6 year olds

Is your child curious, imaginative, and full of energy? Let us put those essential skills to use while we explore the world of storytelling in a theatrical context while working together in a friendly team environment. Each hour class features theatre games, storytelling, and musical theatre elements to provide your child with the building blocks of theatre while encouraging active listening and participation.


6 - 8 year olds

Over the term your child will develop skills in imaginative play, emotional vocabulary, teamwork, focus, and how each different element of a story fit into a larger context. Students will work on developing their creative voice through storytelling, and learn the basics of movement and coordination with music. The classes will culminate into an in-class presentation for parents and friends to highlight their skills and learning.

The second term will continue to develop these skills, building towards a showcase for family and friends.

9 – 12 year olds
Through the use of neutral scenes students will work towards the development and understanding of safe vocal and physicality while fostering their knowledge of how to tell an effective story. Students will be given an opportunity to work on individual monologues, allowing them to practice memorization skills and gain confidence in their ability to tell a story on stage, as well as build an understanding of how a good audience member fosters an environment that promotes both team and individual success.

Second semester will continue working and developing these skills, building towards an showcase of their class and scene work for friends and family.



Students will build multifaceted skills that serve them in long term success personally and professionally. Applying and developing knowledge of storytelling, emotional vocabulary, relationships, active listening, and improv students will work together to create scenes. Students will gain the ability to develop a full character, confidence in their public speaking and stage presence, memorization skills and critical thinking skills.  This level also encourages the development of leadership skills as well as an understanding of working effectively in a team.

Second term will continue to build on the above skills building towards a collective creation of a self- developed piece.


The Musical (Term 2):

All students enrolled in this class, are cast appropriately and given an opportunity to perform in the scripted musical.  Students are asked to commit to the rehearsal process, with no more than three rehearsals missed. Exceptions must be discussed in advance with the instructor. Students will be given the opportunity to take part in all areas of production. We ask all students to dress appropriately (ie: clothes that they can move comfortably in and get dirty) and bring water for rehearsals. 

Students are asked to audition for their role. Some preparation time will be provided in the first two weeks of the semester. 

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